Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coffee Table

On my day off I have been attempting to build my first piece of furniture: a coffee table. Of all places, I was able to buy solid cherry boards from Mardens (a salvage store) at a third of the price. There's a lot of character to the wood and it will compliment our birch flooring and match our kitchen cabinets. It's been quite the learning process. But my fellow pastor, Mark, has guided me through it and let me use his workshop. I've had to plane the face of the boards and then join/plane the sides so that I could laminate the top. The rails and legs are ready for their final cut. I hope t0 finish it within the next couple of weeks.


jason said...

This is really exciting. Can't wait to see it completed.

How far are you from the seminary? My family is going to be in the area from May 4th to the 14th for graduation and a little vacation would like to come up and visit one day if it works out.

Josh said...

We're a little over 2hours from the Conwell. Would love to have you guys up! Keep me posted. This is your graduation?! Congrats!

jason said...

Yes, I couldn't graduate last May because I was writing a paper over the summer so my graduation is this May. I am pretty excited about it and looking forward to getting my hood