Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christian Bumper Stickers=False Advertising

Relevant Magazine exposes Christian Bumper Stickers for the shams they really are. Here's a snippet.

"Real Men Love Jesus" Do we honestly believe that men around the globe who don't love Jesus, or haven't even considered loving Him, will read this and come to the conclusion, "What's that? I'm not a real man!? Well, I better follow that guy to find out how to love Jesus!"

And secondly, the last time I watched the movie Pinocchio; I never saw Gepeto threaten Pinocchio with: "You know son, you'll never be a real boy until you start loving me! [insert evil laugh here]." Jesus doesn’t do that either; so should His followers?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

January 7...The Countdown Continues

Heidi and I are going to our (most likely) last DR's appointment before our baby boy is born! We can't wait. Heidi can't wait the most, though! Funny how God designed a woman to so desire to carry the child in the womb at first, and then towards the end do nearly anything to get that kid out. Interesting....

We had one of our most special Christmases this year. Just the two of, three of us. Unlike the Kranks, we did not boycott Christmas, but we did buck the trend of visiting every living relative and driving hours and hours. So we had a quaint breakfast of blueberry pancakes, opened gifts from family and each other, and then sat down for a home-cooked ham dinner, prepared by yours truly.

Later in the afternoon we drove three houses down our road to have supper and dessert at Heidi's cousin's house and there I was introduced to countless Chute relatives. I got to jam with some incredible musicians. My distant third or fourth cousin removed thrice and then squared once played my favoritest instrument in the world: uilleann pipes. If you're wondering what you could get me for my birthday or Christmas next year, look no further and shop here: Lark in the Morning Store.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why do elephants have flat feet?

One of our teens unearthed a 1o1 Elephant Jokes book from our church's quagmire of a library. They are so bad (the jokes, not the teens!) that you can't help but laugh. Here's a sampling.

What do elephants have that no other animal has?
Baby Elephants!

Why do ducks have webbed feet?
To put out forest fires!

Why do elephants have flat feet?
To put out burning ducks!

Why does an elephant never forget?
What's he got to remember?!

Why do elephants drink?
They want to forget.

How do you make an elephant float?
Two scoops of ice cream, soda, and some elephant!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Escapism?

“Christmas, then, is not a dream, a moment of escapism. Christmas is the reality, which shows up the rest of ‘reality.’ And for Christmas, here, read Christianity. Either Jesus is the Lord of the world, and all reality makes sense in his light, or he is dangerously irrelevant to the problems and possibilities of today’s world. There is no middle ground. Either Jesus was, and is, the Word of God, or he, and the stories Christians tell about him, are lies.”

N.T. Wright, For All God's Worth: True Worship and the Calling of the Church, p.2.