Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What I've been up to lately

Lately, it's felt like I was eight years old again, playing in the mud and pouring rain. The first week of June, I took a 'vacation' and built a huge retaining wall behind our house. My father in law, Ivan, is the man responsible for moving all the boulders with his tractor. We worked rain or shine. Actually, I can't say enough about Ivan. He has been uber generous towards us. It took us almost the entire week to get this 60' wall completed. Why'd we build it? Because the rocks were there. And because we didn't want water running down the hill into our basement.

We've also been fixing the final grade around the house so we can put loam down so that we can then put our grass seed down so that in a few months we can all sit down on our front lawn.

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