Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Takin' the edge off of 3am

For the most part I'm clueless about parenting. Every first-time dad and mom is bombarded with so many opinions of how to calm a fussing baby, how to not make a fussy baby, how to get your baby on a routine, how to.... But 3am is like kryptonite
to all parental advice. And it also seems that some great ideas have a shelf life of about one week. Yet there are times throughout the day and even during the nearly God-forsaken hours of the morning that take the edge of off a bit. A cute smile, puppy eyes, hilarious crossed-eyes, girgling grunts, or sleeping on mommy or daddy's chest. Children are truly a gift from God himself (Psalm 127:3)!


Jonathan Dodson said...

Good word. I am dragging today

corey thomas said...

exactly!! a challenge with endless rewards, my friend! endless rewards!