Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Boston Fan Already!

Because we don't have NESN, it's nearly impossible to catch a Red Sox game on TV these days. When I was kid, I used to love Saturday games on WSBK, but somewhere along the line the nasty FOX monster bought the rights and now I'm left to the radio most of the time. Which is what made this past Saturday all the more special. Zechariah and I lounged on the couch for the entire afternoon, witnessing the Angels get hammered by our beloved Sox! Schilling was so close to pitching a shutout...oh, well, at least he came out on top. It was a day of good baseball, well-excuted pitching and bats that were alive--it was Zechariah's first Red Sox game!

Hopin' for a good game.

Ortiz drove in a run!

My Little Slugger

"What a game!"

My beautiful wife and son...after taking a walk


corey thomas said...

you haven't been getting comments so i am showing some love...

You've got a preciuos son! those times are the best!

Josh said...

Thanks for the sympathy comment.