Monday, October 01, 2007

Bob Lamson "When Snow Falls"

For years I've been blessed by being surrounded by musicians that are far better than me. How much better when an outstanding musician is also my friend! Bob Lamson is just that! His guitar work is poetry. His arrangements and melodic lines are not just good ideas, they're his life, his story. "When Snow Falls" is his first finger-style acoustic instrumental CD. You can hear some of the tracks on Bob's Myspace. The title track "When Snow Falls" steals you away to a cozy evening watching the winter flakes cascading down. "Just Restin' My Eyes" is as comfortable as your favorite sofa. "Sweet Man" celebrates the memory of dear friend.

But you'll have to buy the CD to here one my favorite's "Ode to Otte." I sounds like shameless plug...but the song is stunning. We were jamming away one day on a tune that Bob was working on when I suggested an unfamiliar alternate tuning. It worked great for his song, but one thing led to another and later that day Bob came up with the riff that turned into a song. Inspired by a new tuning!

Give him a listen. You won't be disappointed!

Hear and buy Bob's Music Online.

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