Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Foundation is in!

Foundation coated and ready to be back-filled.

One day after pouring, the forms were taken down.

Forms--ready to be filled with cement.


sarahb said...

Haven't heard from you in a little while -- we miss you guys. Good lookin' foundation you've got there! :)

Josh said...

Thanks for dropping by. Man, we miss you, too! There'll be plenty of room in our new home for y'all to visit us. I guess that means you'll have to visit Maine sometime.

Kalila said...

What a beautiful excavation!

Josh said...

Nice of you to notice Kalila. My father in law and I were joking the other day about all the coffe cups (from the contractors who throw their trash around) that will probably be buried around the foundation only to be dug up by some future archaeologist. Maybe someday they'll be worth something or be the most important discovery of the 23rd century?