Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Our first house lot

My father-in-law and I have been clearing our land the past couple of weeks. The sun lights it up beautifully. Probably next week we will be putting the foundation in! Heidi and I are so excited. We never dreamed we'd be building this soon after returning to Maine, but alas, we've been blessed!


Sborgquist said...

What is with the comment above mine? Bizarre.

I can tell you have done a lot to clear the land. We're very excited for you both at the prospect of your new home!!

Tom and Donna said...

Josh and Heidie, Great pictures,what an exciting time! Heidie dropped by tues night. It was good to see you again. We wanted to leave you a note and say hi, and before I knew it, had almost created a blog site(not what I wanted). So we will not be signing this "yuleknowwho", but just... with lots of love, Tom and Donna