Thursday, August 31, 2006 1

To further confirm my opinion that Derek Webb is an Indie Folk version of Keith Green, he is offering his entire cd project Mockingbird for free download as of Sept 1. Why's he doing this? In Webb's own words:

as an artist (and often an agitator), this is something i am keenly aware of. my most recent record 'mockingbird' deals with many sensitive issues including poverty, war, and the basic ethics by which we live and deal with others. but i found that music has been an exceptional means by which to get this potentially difficult conversation going. and this is certainly an important moment for dialogue amongst people who disagree about how to best love and take care of people, to get into the nuances of the issues.

one of the things that excites me most about the future of our business is how easy it is becoming to deliver music to people who want to hear it. i heard a story once about keith green caring so much that people were able to hear and engage with his music that he gave it away for free, which was a very difficult and expensive thing to do at that time. it's actually never been as simple as it is today to connect music with music fans. and i want people to have a chance to listen to mockingbird and engage in the conversation.

So check it out If you're new to his music WARNING he'll probably offend you at some point. But cheer up! You probably needed to be offended. He's honest, biblical, creative, obviously generous, and God-centered.



corey thomas said...

this is the best recomendation you've made! i am an instant fan! the conviction started with the first note and it hasn't stopped. it is so nice to have the truth jump kick you in the face once in a while!

Josh said...

What a gift,huh!

"Jump kick you in the face" quite apropos!

I've listened to the cd 2x and am really drawn to "A New Law" and "A King and A Kingdom." Esp on these two tracks the music fit the lyrics.

I wish the cd had a little more variety. Definitely not over produced. I also don't care for the vocal effects, too much overdub. It gets old. In my opinion you shouldn't be able to hear double/triple vocal tracking. Maybe I'm totallly being a jerk?!

I guess I'm really spoiled by the sound of Caedmon's Call and Indellible Grace.

You've got to check out Matthew Smith and Adrew Osenga's sites. I think I've got them in my music links. Andrew sounds just like Bruce Cockburn.