Thursday, August 24, 2006

Web Resources on Calvinism/Doctrines of Grace/TULIP

Monergism: Calvinism. This is THE PLACE to go. Tons and tons of articles from a huge array of theologians and pastors. Articles, sermons (audio and print), book reviews neatly arranged by author and/topic. Piper and Azurdia’s sermon series are stellar!

Monergism: Doctrines of Grace. This part of Monergism's site also has a bunch of goodies.

Desiring God: The Doctrines of Grace (Calvinism & TULIP Theology). Articles, sermons, and products.

Desiring God:What We Believe About the Five Points of Calvinism."Most recommended for a comprehensive explanation of the doctrines of grace. About 25 pages.

The Calvinist Corner. Not really sure about this one, but what I’ve seen I like. Like anyone who goes by the title “Calvinist”, you or I may not agree on every detail or argument. One example: I still don’t find his argument on infant baptism convincing. What can I say, I’m a good Baptist! In short, I believe the covenant oath sign of the New Covenant is the circumcised heart by the Spirit, not baptism. Nevertheless, this guy is very helpful.

Tim Challies: What It Means to be Reformed. He says quite a bit more but here’s his conclusion: “So what does this all mean? To be Reformed is to adhere to the purist teachings of the Bible - to affirm the doctrine taught by Jesus, Paul and the apostles.” A Letter from George Whitefield to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley.A blast from the past. Here is a great dialogue between two brothers in Christ who did not agree. Whitefield is an excellent example of how silly it to "logically deduce" that the doctrines of grace squelches evangelism and deadens urgency.


Jonathan Dodson said...

The quote by Tim is a bit unnerving and arrogant, assuming that a system of doctrine is in fact the words and teachings of Jesus and if other non-Calvinists ever read the Bible the way Jesus and Paul intended.

Calvinism, when properly understood points to the supremacy of God in all things, not just salvation. As Kuyper would say, it is a life and world view, not merely a system or soteriology...and therefore affects much more, not less than personal salvation.

Josh said...

Great news about your church planting partnership! Can't wait to hear more details.

By the way, did you read the entire article by Challies? Perhaps my quote makes him appear arrogant. I might fix it, if that's the case. I isolated this quote to make the point that the essentials of the Reformed faith were not new to the Reformers, but are biblical. Tim's entire article is unity-promoting and biblically-minded.

I understood his whole post to be right in line with Kuyper as his last point shows:

"Finally: in everything, Soli Deo Gloria - to God alone be the glory in all things.This is, once more, something all Christians would claim, either explicitly or implicitly. In all areas of life we are to give glory to God alone."

DAO said...

i would include Art Azurdia's treament on "the doctrines of grace" which was followed up on Sunday mornings with question and answer sessions. I think that stategy was brilliant!
here's the link (scroll down)

grace and peace of Christ...DAO

Josh said...

Thanks for the tip. You're right, those are awesome sermons. I wish they posted the manuscripts, too. They're also listed on Monergism's site.

flacie said...

I think the first article is a little mixed up in its historical data (the apostolic fathers promoted "Roman Catholic beliefs" long before the fifth century), but is a good summary of the basic doctrines of Reformed theology.