Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christian Bumper Stickers=False Advertising

Relevant Magazine exposes Christian Bumper Stickers for the shams they really are. Here's a snippet.

"Real Men Love Jesus" Do we honestly believe that men around the globe who don't love Jesus, or haven't even considered loving Him, will read this and come to the conclusion, "What's that? I'm not a real man!? Well, I better follow that guy to find out how to love Jesus!"

And secondly, the last time I watched the movie Pinocchio; I never saw Gepeto threaten Pinocchio with: "You know son, you'll never be a real boy until you start loving me! [insert evil laugh here]." Jesus doesn’t do that either; so should His followers?


corey thomas said...

the running joke on cars with Christian bumper stickers is to say, "Well, at least we know the car is saved!"

Josh said...

Come on man...admit it! I know you've got one of those "In case of Rapture, this car will be unmanned".