Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Bush slams desk at Bono

It seems that the President had a case of "Vertigo" during Bono's recent visit to the oval office, resulting in a burst of instability:

Fast-talking rocker BONO was impressed when President GEORGE W BUSH interrupted him mid-flow to get his point across during a debate on the AIDS crisis.

The VERTIGO singer, who works tirelessly to raise awareness of issues affecting the developing world, wouldn't allow President Bush a word in edgeways, forcing him to bang his fist passionately on the table.

Bono says, "He banged the table at me once when I was ranting at him about AIDS drugs. He banged the table to ask me to let him reply. I was very impressed that he could get so passionate. And let's face it, tolerating an Irish rock star is not a necessity of his office."

Apparently Bono's recent lyrics are self-fulfulling: "I like the sound of my own voice, I didn't give anyone else a choice."

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John Borgquist said...

Go Bushy! I like it when a President puts his fist down and takes charge of his office. No one can criticize Bush for that. But it is good to hear that people like Bush and Bono are discussing important issues like AIDS, and both of them passionate about it.

Dave said...

well josh, did you read by Bono blog too? seems like he's the talk of the town