Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Link: Red Mountain Music

My friend PJ just introduced me to Red Mountain Music. There's some great re-working of hymns to contemporary melodies and arrangements. If you're looking to deepen your personal (or congregation's) "worship music" selection visit their site and listen to some of the audio clips. Very original and refreshing. Also, you might want to check out Indellible Grace, too. They are by far my #1 choice in music selection when I'm choosing music for community worship. They even have a FREE hymnbook online with audio clips and piano/guitar lead sheets; it's called the RUF (Reformed Universities Ministries).

Red Mountain Music
Indellible Grae Music

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John Borgquist said...

Thanks for the links, Josh. I checked out the Red Mountain site and enjoyed their rendition of the classic gospel hymn "Soon and Very Soon". It was a lot slower and meditative than the original; a quiet way to enjoy an old favorite.