Wednesday, March 02, 2005

7.5 Weeks/ 52 days/1248 hours--the clock is ticking

April 22 all of my work is due for graduation. No pressure. Just 6 classes to attend or prepare for, 10,000 pages to read, and a smathering of presentations to give and papers to write. You'd think I would have planned my last semester to be a tad more leisurely. But why take it easy when you can toy with insanity?! Totally forgot how de-motivating "senioritis" really is. I wonder if I can get an extension on my work for time missed/wasted because of this disease?

Here's a definition:
Senioritis is an imaginary syndrome attributed to students nearing the end of high school and college. Its symptoms include laziness, procrastination, and apathy toward schoolwork.

While senioritis is most certainly not a real disease, its effects are well known to most experienced educators. This imagined affliction is a symptom of students' complacency once they have all but guaranteed their place at commencement. After college admission letters arrive in early April, high school seniors feel even less pressure to push themselves academically.



Sborgquist said...

I bet if they studied the two of us, they might rethink their careless use of the word "imaginary." I wish they had meds for this!

Josh said...

No kidding!! I wonder what they would call such a miracle drug? I’m not so sure that counting down the days and hours is the best cure. It's kind of depressing. Ah, but the clock is ever ticking. By the end of May, we’ll be singing another tune!