Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Old Man Winter strikes again!

I can't believe it snowed again. The snow was wicked heavy and clung to all the trees...absolutely beautiful!! Haven't had much time to post lately so I figured I'd talk about the weather. More on the Emergent church soon.


Sborgquist said...

Thanks for pushing my car into my parking spot the other day. Guess I should have shoveled first. I have snow burnout.

Your picture is very pretty. My one criticism is that it romanticizes winter. Winter is ugly and serious. Your picture makes it look nice and people from the tropics might be misled into moving here. It should have a disclaimer or something.

Josh said...

You are quite welcome. I forgot to ask, do you have AAA? If not, I may have to charge you for that.

Great idea about the disclaimer! Sorry for the lack of warning. Sunday morning was perhaps the most beautiful snowfall I have ever seen, however. Hopefully it will be the last. Strange how many of us who actually know about the long, drawn-out winter still choose to live here in New England--where its warmer than 70F for about a month and a half. Wish: green grass by graduation.