Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Controversial sermons

Hear ye...hear ye. We are now accepting suggestions/ideas for sermons that should be preached but never are because most pastors may have not thought about them or perhaps are too afraid of doing so. I don't mean topics that are crafted to be controversial just to be "hip" or trendy, but the ones that expose the desperate human condition and offer hope and healing in the name of Christ. Here's just a few too begin with.

1. Genocide: Who's my neighbor? (Seen Hotel Rwanda yet?!)
3. Harry Potter and Tolkien
4. Finding truth in the lyrics of EMINEM
5. Was Jesus a Republican?
6. What is Grace? What is Faith?...Really!


DAO said...

here you go, josh:
What is Grace? What isn't Grace?
What is Faith? What isn't Faith?

unpacking this stuff, ie, "What saith the scripture".

too simplistic? from my puny standpoint, this is mega-controversial, especially as one presents this stuff in an antithetical manner. By their very nature, you will inevitably step on the toes of the flesh...bring on the death knell!!
goin to James/Brooke's tomorrow?

Sborgquist said...

Should Christians be involved in politics? Was Jesus a Republican?

Josh said...

Danny, simplistic? No way! It's crazy how 2 common terms in Christianity can be so misunderstood! To truly preach on grace and faith--well that's daring and necessary? I'm assuming that by stepping on the toes of the flesh, you mean that it would require getting into the nitty gritty of life itself. Not just some esoteric theological exercise. That's what I'm talking about.

Sarah, you mean to tell me Jesus didn't vote for George W.? Come on! If Jesus' isn't a Rep does that mean he must be a Dem? Green Party? Great topic. What else stirs up trouble in a conversation like relgion and politics? And here you've combined the two. Keep it commin'.

Jonathan Dodson said...

Fulfilling the Law of Christ: Restoring the Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (see my blog for manuscript!)