Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Further Up & Further In Music

Last week while I was at the Bethlehem Baptist Pastor's Conference, I heard a great song, "Only Jesus" written by Marc Heinrich. The song is available on Marc's website (along with many others) in mp3 as well and lead sheet. I've just begun to plumb the depths of some incredibly profound and stirring songs. Be sure to check it out.
"Only Jesus"
By Marc Heinrich

When the trial comes
And all hope seems lost
I will find my strength
In the mighty cross

Chorus 1
Only there
Only Jesus
Only there can I cast my burdens down
Only Him
Only Jesus
Only there is joy in sorrow found

Verse 2
If my love grows cold
And my faith feels lost
I will find my heart
In the healing cross

Link:Further Up & Further In Music


Nate and Aimee said...

Hey, Hi! Thanks for this link! Nate is the guitarmaster in this house, and he will be excited to use this resource. Your insights on worship are appreciated, read and shared! Thanks for faithful posting, friend.

Josh said...

Didn't know Nate played guitar too. Maybe we could jam together at our OBBCC's class reunion?!