Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekly Series: Covenantal Corporate Worship

If you ever visit this blog, you probably know that I talk a lot about worship. It's not so much a soapbox as it is a response to the fact that we humans have been created for worship. Worship is the primary matter of the universe, and life is a battle for worship. For the next few months (?), I'll be doing a weekly series called "Covenantal Corporate Worship" where we'll explore two major questions: 1. Since all of life is supposed to be worship, WHY should we still gather for corporate worship? 2. And if we are supposed to gather for worship, then HOW should we?

I've learned a lot from further reflection, study, and experience since I wrote this, so its far from being any "final word." Tell me what you think!

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Josh said...

"Worship is the primary matter of the universe." I didn't realize this at the time but I came across this thought while I was reading Noel Due's book CREATED FOR WORSHIP, 228. But he actually quotes a colleague G.C. Bingham, THE REVELATION OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINE, 263. Sorry. This is not original to me. Due's book seems to express many thoughts I've yet to have time to write about, and I find myself just about jumping up and down with nearly every paragraph. It's a very similar read to David Peterson's ENGAGING WITH GOD.