Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Richard Baxter and "Lord I Lift Your Name on High"

As I was reading Reggie Kidd's With One Voice, I came across a wonderful quote that gave me a renewed appreciation for the nearly sung-to-death "Lord I Lift Your Name on High." It comes from: The Saint's Everlasting Rest by Richard Baxter. I wonder if Rick Founds was reading Baxter when he wrote the song? This week we will be introducing the song with the quotation below. Baxter captures what the weight of what Scripture means when it says that "we love, because God first loved us" (1 John 4:19).

Christian, believe this, and think on it: thou shalt be eternally embraced in the arms of that love which was from everlasting, and, will extend to everlasting; of that love which brought the Son of God’s love from heaven to earth, from earth to the cross, from the cross to the grave, from the grave to glory; that love which was weary, hungry, tempted, scorned, scourged, buffeted, spit upon, crucified, pierced; which did fast, pray, teach, heal, weep, sweat, bleed, die; that love will eternally embrace thee.... Know this, believer, to thy everlasting comfort, if those arms have once embraced thee, neither sin nor hell can get thee thence for ever.

Link:The Saint's Everlasting Rest


Jonathan Dodson said...

that's a book ive wanted to read for some time...Baxter that is...on your recommendation, however, I checked out Kidd

jason said...

Thanks for sharing the quote from Baxter. I don't even begin to spend enough time praising God for his embracing love that was so extravagently lavished on us. Reminds me of Paul's words at the end of Romans 8.

Josh said...

If you want some mp3's of Reggie Kidd, check out the SBTS Institute for Christian Worship Lectures page: http://www.sbts.edu/icw/lectures.php.

I just finished With One Voice. Now I want to sift through a little slower, especially his exposition of Ps. 22//Heb 2. Let me know how the read is going.

Always good to hear from you. How are things out West? Glad to see the Baxter quote has stirred up the fires of your affections.