Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Engaging the Emerging Church with Hymns

Kevin Twit, of Indelible Grace, recently spoke to SBTS about the modern hymn movement and the ironic way this old music is impacting a new generation. You can listen to his lectures or read through his notes. Either way, you'll better understand why and how modern hymns should and could be used when you gather with other believers.

Here's a few titles of his lectures:

"My Grandmother Saved it, My Mother Threw It Away, and Now I’m Buying It Back: Why We Still Need Hymns in a Postmodern World"

"Exploring the 'Why' behind the Modern Hymn Movement Part 1"

"Exploring the 'Why' behind the Modern Hymn Movement Part 2"

"Engaging the Emerging Church with Hymns"

Link:SBTS Institute for Christian Worship

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