Wednesday, May 03, 2006

McLaren's Open Letter to Songwriters

I came across this article yesterday and found it to be very insightful when it comes to writing lyrics. Brian McLaren is one of the most outspoken leaders today, calling for fresh innovation of telling the “old, old story.” I haven’t read all that he’s written, I don’t agree with all of the little that I have read, but this article deserves our attention. I hope that it challenges you to exult (i.e. “to rejoice greatly over") in the excellencies of God in a way that is fresh and causes the world to take notice of the good news we believe about Jesus the Christ.

Here's a snapshot:
"Let me make this specific: Too many of our lyrics are embarrassingly personalistic, about Jesus and me. Personal intimacy with God is such a wonderful step above a cold, abstract, wooden recitation of dogma. But it isn’t the whole story. In fact—this might shock you—it isn’t, in the emerging new postmodern world, necessarily the main point of the story."

Link: McLaren's Open Letter to Songwriters


Dave said...

definitely raises the eyebrows

jason said...

thanks for sharing this. Some good areas to think about for not only writing of new song lyrics but in choosing what we use as well.

Josh said...

Eyebrows OR unibrow. Please, let's not discriminate.

I thought the same thing. I could'nt help but laugh though as I was reading. He is way over-sensitive about appearing judgmental. He said something like "I'm not trying to be critical" several times. Dude, its ok to offer helpful criticism.

Jonathan Dodson said...

With that, i can agree wholeheartedly!