Friday, May 26, 2006

Finally a place to rest my feet...while I watch TV!

It's taken about two months, but yesterday I put the finishing touches on my coffee table. Ain't she a beauty! Here's some other pics with some exceptional commentary.

Corner view of the coffee table. This is where you could put your feet up if you were sitting on the love seat.

Those black "dots" are called pitch pockets. Don't put your feet on them. They're too pretty.

View from behind our recliner. If you're behind our recliner, you're probably not gonna put your feet up anyway, unless you've got really funny-shaped legs.


Ben & Phyllis said...

Hey Josh,

Table looks great! Well done :)

Perhaps we'll get to experience your coffee table in person this fall :)

We love you!

dwight said...

Dude, the table looks good - but I so think that the concrete blocks with the piece of wood lying on top would be so sweet too.... Maybe you could make me one of the concrete block ones for when I come home!!!
Looks good man.... Loving the craftsmanship that God gives to some (but not so much to me because I have a hard time hanging up curtains). So be it!
Talk to you later..

Jonathan Dodson said...

where's mine?

corey thomas said...

here, here... I want one too. you would have made my wood shop teacher very happy!

DAO said...

dude, I saw that exact same table, couch, rug and pillows at a display at Bernie & Phylls!
Sweet. will I need a coaster for my imperial pint? we love road trips, ya know.
big love,

Josh said...

Due to the high demand all new orders will be postponed until further notice. For now I suggest Dwight's idea of concrete blocks and a piece of wood.

Thanks for all your encouragement! It was a blast making the table.

Danny O. the table policy is definitely BYOC (Bring your own coasters). You and Cindy and the kids need to make the perilous trek to the deep woods of Maine. You're welcome anytime.