Thursday, July 12, 2007

6 months ago...

I slept for 8 hours in a row.
I was timing contractions, hoping we'd get to the Birthplace in time.
I fell in love with Heidi all over again as she gave birth to my son.
I saw my son for the first time.
I knew nothing about fatherhood (update: I still know practically nothing).
I never knew the joy of seeing my son smile or laugh for the first time...the gazillionth time.
I couldn't have understood the magnitude of the love that a father has for his child.

That's right, but I would never want to back to 6 months ago. I absolutely love being a dad. Heidi and I have only begun to know the joys and sorrows of parenthood. Yet our love for Zechariah is greater than the fear and frustrations that we've already encountered and will sooner or later. We constantly thank God for supplying us wisdom to know how to love this little guy.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Zechariah!


dwight said...

ya - zeek is amazing... i love seeing him! keep posting pics up so that i can check in on him (and you and heidi)...

Joshua Otte said...

Thanks uncle Dwight! I'll tell him you said "Hey." He's starting to creep now, not quite a crawl but no longer just a roll. Pretty amazing!

Jonathan Dodson said...

beautifully put...great pics and hats

Ben & Phyllis said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of your beautiful happy family! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!