Thursday, July 19, 2007

Acadia National Park Trip

Back in early June, my sister, Phyllis, and her hubby, Ben, finally made it up to Acadia National Park. We joined them for the weekend and drove all over the island, walked around Bar Harbor, heard the crashing of Thunder Hole, ate at the Jordon Pond Carriage House, saw the sunset at Cadillac Mtn. Had a FANTASTIC time. Zeke was the most patient, chill, happy baby even after 5+ hours on the road. Here are some highlights from the trip.

Just the three of us...on Sand Beach (photo by my sister, Phyllis).

The family at Thunder Hole.

My sister, Phyllis, and her husband, Ben.

A view driving up Cadillac Mtn.

Sunset driving up Cadillac Mtn.

Dead tree watching the sunset with us.

Beaver dam near Jordan Pond.

Back at Thunder Hole looking towards Sand Beach.

Yep. Thunder Hole again, looking not towards Sand Beach.

Heidi and Zechariah just chillin'.

Bass Harbor.

Me and my favorite sister.

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