Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mt. Washington 2007

I've been looking forward to my (almost) annual hike of Mt. Washington for months. I was seriously bummed that 2006 came and went before I could hike my mountain-fortress of solitude. So it's no surprise that I cashed in some vacation time last week for some serious hiking and some serious downtime with Jesus, the Creator-Redeemer himself.

The forecast was not too promising, saying a chance of showers and cloudy all day. Which is not good news when you're trekking toward the "home of the world's worst weather." But I started off at about 7:30am. I hiked up the Lion's Head trail, ate a fantastic lunch at the summit, took a wrong turn down to Lake of the Clouds, hiked back up to the Bootspur trail via the Camel Path, finally began the long-descent back to Pinkham notch, showered up, enjoyed a fantastic burger at the Muddy Moose while watching Dice-K and the Sox take one from the Tribe.

Here are some of the best pics of the day. I hope you enjoy!

The Road Most Traveled--Tuckerman Ravine Trail.

First view of blue sky, a ridge of Tuckerman Ravine (Bootspur side).

A cairn with wooly-white cloud backdrop.

First view of Lion's Head.

Another view of Lion's Head and Tuckerman Ravine

Atop of Lion's Head.

Another helpful cairn, assuring my safe passage

The deceptive summit of Mt. Washington (objects are NOT closer than they appear!)

Looking back onto Lion's Head.

The path I should have taken later on in the day!

Ah, the summit of Mt. Washington!

I should not have been this close to the Lake of the clouds...missed the connector.

Closeup of the Lake of the Clouds Hut.

Looking back to where I was, wishin' I hadn't been. (nearly a 2 mile detour!)

Things are starting to get a little creepy!

Split Rock. It was like that...I didn't do it.

Blog Profile Pic 2.0

My favorite rock overlooking Tuckerman Ravine.

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