Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Him We Proclaim Reading Schedule

Just to make your life a little easier, I'm posting the reading schedule that we're following this summer. Don't forget! You can simplify your reading avoid browsing the whole blog simply by clicking on the label "Him We Proclaim" either in the post or on the right hand column under "Labels". This will give you access to all of the "Him We Proclaim" posts.

Here we go...

June 10

Chapter 1: Introduction: Preaching Like Peter and Paul, p. 1

Tim Keller’s “Centrality of the Gospel”

June 17

Part 1: The Case for Apostolic, Christocentric Preaching

Chapter 2: Priorities and Polarities in Preaching, p. 25

June 24

Chapter 3: Paul’s Theology of Preaching, p. 62

July 1

Chapter 4: The Complication, Chastening, Rejection, and Recovery of Apostolic Preaching in the History of the Church, p. 9

July 8

Chapter 5: Challenges to Apostolic Preaching, p. 126

July 15

Part 2: The Practice of Apostolic, Christocentric Preaching

Chapter 6: The Epistle to the Hebrews as an Apostolic Preaching Paradigm, p. 167

July 22

Chapter 7: Theological Foundations of Apostolic Preaching, p. 198

July 29

Chapter 8: Preaching Christ, Head of the New Creation and Mediator of the New Covenant, p. 239

August 5

Chapter 9: Preaching the Promises: Apostolic Preaching of Old Testament Literary Genres, p. 272

August 12

Chapter 10: Preaching the Promise Keeper: Apostolic Preaching of New Testament Literary Genres, p. 331

August 19

Appendix A: From Text to Sermon 397

Appendix B: Sample Sermons in the Trajectory of Apostolic, Christ-Centered Preaching 409

August 26

Wrapping things up!

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